How it works – Worpress posts

Plugin allow all registered users to get notifications about new posts and comments on the site it is installed on. Recipient can post his comment by replying to the notification messsage.

Let me show you how it work step by step:

1. Publish a post as usual:

New Post

2. Each registered user of your site will get a customized e-mail:

Email notification for the new post

Please note the customized reply to address which enables to place the response in the correct place as well as it provides user authentication (via hash).

3. User simply replies to an e-mail.

Let me reply

Quoted original message is stripped away, as well as any HTML coding.

4. As the result, user’s message is posted as a comment. You can see the post I used for this example here.

Reply posted via mail

5. Each user can customize the notification options on his profile page (see Notification setting block).

User Notify Options

6. Site admin can easily customize the content of the notification message:

Admin options

and the default notification settings for the users:

Admin options 2


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  1. Is it possible to use your plugin to create new forum posts rather than using it just to reply? We have a project coming up that we would like to have people post to a specific forum on our site without having an account via email…

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