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    My ToDo list at the moment:
    – attachments (already in Beta, still need to add some more customization options)
    – localization
    – native IMAP and POP support as an alternative to PostMark service
    – configurable hidden email addresses linked with specific topics.

    Would you like to see some more, just let me know by posting in this thread.

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    Has the Native IMAP and POP has been implemented?

    Looks like a great plugin. Will try it today.

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    Hi Shovan,

    IMAP is almost ready, I hope I will release it next week. It will be based on PHP Imap standatd library with some class extentions.

    For now, you can give a try to Postmark, setup is free and easy, you can find step by step instructions here

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    Hi, Boss,

    Great plugin! A few questions:

    Will the user be able to select specific forums to which they subscribe? Right now I see only an all or nothing setting.

    Are there any plans to integrate with Mandrill or Amazon SES?

    If the PvM plugin is used on a site that uses paid memberships, how will it handle attempted posts by email by users whose membership has expired?

    I am looking forward to seeing this plugin gain wide acceptance!


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    What about quoting a previous post when replying by email? I tested one message and it seems quoted text is stripped. This is great for most messages, but it would be nice if there was a way to quote a part of the previous message.

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    You can subscribe to any forum or topic you like – it is the bbpress functionality – not my plugin.

    Notifications are sent:
    – to forum subscribers about new topics on the subscribed forum
    – to topic subscribers about new replies for the subscribed topic.

    Mandril hook is in the library I used for this plugin, but I found it a bit difficult to set it up. I think I will do the IMAP first (if time permits).

    What kind of membership plugin do you use? I think, for expired subscribers the behavour will depend of the mechanism of this plugin. As long as someone knows the hash attached to the address (like for this thread) the plugin will execute postreply action for a topic related to this hash (in this example topic#25 as a user (#1), for whom this hash was generated).
    Notification is hooked to action related to new topic/reply, so if the expired user is not a subscriber anymore he/she will not receive notifiaction. He could still however use the old links to post into old threads. This should be up to the membership plugin to block such attempts.



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      I’m not using BBPress now – I’m looking for a modern replacement that will do what my current phpBB2 does with the m2f plugin, plus portal functionality (which WP would satisfy nicely).

      Regarding quotes, I can see two ways of doing it:
      1. Include a “write your reply above this line” instruction and then strip everything below the line, but treat quotes as quotes.

      2. Choose a pair of characters that will be interpreted as a quote at the server, i.e. >>.

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      Jan Anderson

      omarf wrote:

      I’m looking for a modern replacement that will do what my current phpBB2 does with the m2f plugin,

      That is exactly what I am doing…
      I just don’t see where the config options for this very promising plugin are.
      Any chance of a hint?

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      Exactly what I am doing too. Many, many limitations.

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    The original message gets stripped away, to prevent it from appearing again in the reply. A bit tricky, as many e-mail clients do it in different ways. I have not tested what happens if you copy over some of the text from the notification. So let me do it now. You asked:
    above is a copy from your post – let us see if it go through.

    PS. I am using Mail on MacOSX.

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    As you see, the copied part of reply is still marked as reply so it’s deleted…

    I wanted to keep this mechanism as easy as possible, so I do not think I will implement any ability to differentate between intended and not intended quotes in the nearest future. I simply do not know how should it look like from the subscriber’s perspective.

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    Jan Anderson

    We would like to set up an email adress for each of our BB Press forums, so that users who have this (secret) emailaddress can start new topics in each BB forum by email.
    Is this possible with Falcon?


    Sorry if I posted in the wrong place before..

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    Our top priority feature request for an educational site would be to be able to make a new BBpress topic via email in a specific BBpress forum for a specific BP group.

    It would be perfect if it could be set so that only approved users with certain email addresses in a list can make a new BBpress topic via the addresses. Then the emailaddress does not need to be “hidden”. IMAp or POP ti get the email would probably be the easiest and best way to get the email.

    thanx for listening!

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    Is this plugin still being actively developed? If so, and you’re able to do create posts like mailing groups plugin, I’d be very interested in paying you for it!

    With gratitude and humility.


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